Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Back legs are straight when viewed from behind. Herndon, VA Mico is an absolutely sweet kitten. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. One story alleges that the breed is a raccoon/domestic cat hybrid, thus the name Maine Coon. Cats USA NJ Trenton Area Maine Coon - Adopt Franklin a Maine Coon | Male Maine Coon Adoption in Ewing NJ | 6046998534 This listing was posted on Franklin (via . Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Maine Coon fans say that the popularity is due to the breed’s large size, intelligence, luxuriant coat, hardy disposition, and devotion to their human family. Many imaginative stories exist about the origin of the breed (some more believable than others), but hard proof is as elusive as a cat at bath time. Allowance should be made for slow maturation. Texture silky with coat falling smoothly. Viggo is an adoptable Cat - Maine Coon Mix searching for a forever family near Oakland, CA. Long, wide at base, and tapering. Meet NeNe, Maine Coon Mix Cat For Adoption in Austin TX. She will noisily show her appreciation of pettings, toys, and treats. Petfinder currently includes pets and adoption organizations from the regions listed above. “Buzz is responsible for saving more lives than anyone, but of course, we didn't help only Maine Coons — we helped any cat who didn't stand a chance in a shelter, precisely because they needed us, and because we could,” says Elaine. Maine Coon cat, sold, 1 Year, PF11449 from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds and other cute animals are available here. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Find Female Maine Coons for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Our mission is to provide care for homeless dogs and cats until they can be placed in permanent, responsible homes while promoting humane values in our community through outreach and educational programs. Look at pictures of Maine Coon kittens in New Hampshire who need a home. About Maine Coon Rescue - CO. Maine Coon Rescue (MCR), Mission Statement We are a nationwide network of volunteers who share one love, Our Beloved Maine Coon Cats, and One Great, Big Vision: to rescue abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless Maine Coon … Adopt Chloe a Maine Coon, Domestic Long Hair - 6043691869. Muzzle visibly square, medium in length, and blunt ended when viewed in profile. Maine Coons can also be reserved around people with whom they’re not familiar, probably due to their jumbo-sized brains. Another anecdote, unlikely but at least possible, holds that the Maine Coon was produced by bobcat/domestic cat trysts, which would explain the ear and toe tufts and the impressive size of the breed. We are a small breeder of Elite Maine Coon Cats imported from Europe with excellent pedigrees. Maine Coon Rescue Information: The Maine Coon is a long-haired cat native to North America. Search for pets for adoption at shelters near Maine, ME. If you are looking for a dedicated furry companion, please adopt this wonderful critter. Large, well-tufted, wide at base, tapering to appear pointed. Pixie is an adoptable Cat - Maine Coon & Turkish Angora Mix searching for a forever family near Long Beach, CA. Chrysalis adoption fee is $120. To This very special cat is 6 years years old and weighs 12 pounds. A no-kill animal shelter in Camden, Maine. This is a Male Maine Coon Adoption in Las Vegas NV posted on Oodle Classifieds. Medium in width and slightly longer in length than width with a squareness to the muzzle. A distinctive characteristic of this cat is the smooth, shaggy coat. Adopt TONY a Maine Coon - 6043764173. Nicely Pedigreed with Champion Russian bloodlines. This is a Female Maine Coon Adoption in Charlotte NC posted on Oodle Classifieds. Please check back in the future for any potential expansion. Given time, however, even the most cautious adapt. Eye color can be shades of green, gold, green-gold, or copper. Unfortunately, the Queen lost her head, and the cats ended up staying with Clough in Maine. By 1950, the breed had all but vanished and in fact was declared extinct in the 1950s. Say Hello to Trinity! They are a native American breed, being the official cat of the state of Maine. Petfinder recommends that you should always take reasonable security steps before making online payments. Sagadahoc County, Bath, ME ID: 21-01-19-00095. Cheekbones high. Fur long and flowing. Some will join their humans in the shower briefly, or at least walk around on the wet floor after you get out. However, in the early 1900s, as new and more exotic breeds were brought into the country, Maine Coons were abandoned for Persians, Angoras, and others. The Maine Coon is solid, rugged, and can endure a harsh climate. The Sponsor a Pet program is handled by The Petfinder Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to ensure that shelters and rescue groups receive donations in the easiest way possible. Search for maine coon rescue cats for adoption near Paris, Kentucky. Maine Coons are intelligent and playful. This Queen of the house is very affectionate and loves to cuddle! Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Please click OK below and a new tab will open where you can sponsor a pet’s care. Maine Coons are kittens in big cat suits, gentle giants who are playful well into old age, as well as jumbo-sized packages of loving devotion. Adopt a rescue cat through PetCurious. Pet Rehoming Network is dedicated to finding good homes for pre-loved Maine Coon cats and kittens, when their owners can no longer care for them. This breed is well-proportioned, has a balanced appearance, and has adapted to varied environments. A more imaginative story claims that Maine Coons are descendants of longhaired cats belonging to Marie Antoinette. Fortunately, the announcement of the Maine Coon’s demise was greatly exaggerated, and today these cats have regained their former glory, second only to the Persian in popularity. Why buy a Maine Coon kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? The body is long with all parts in proportion to create a well-balanced rectangular appearance with no part of the anatomy being so exaggerated as to foster weakness. Legs substantial, wide set, of medium length, and in proportion to the body. The chin should be strong, firm, and in line with the upper lip and nose. Maine Coons can also be reserved around people with whom theyre not familiar, probably due to their jumbo-sized brains. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Our cats and kittens live and grow up in our home and are family pets. Paws large, round, well-tufted. This initial adjustment period is actually a decision-making process; Maine Coons are deciding if these new humans have proven themselves worthy of trust. Here are some of the best cat breeds for kids! Regardless of which cat breed you choose, if you have children, you’ll likely want one that is sociable, adaptable, and somewhat playful. The Queen’s cats and other belongings were smuggled to America by a captain named Clough, who was preparing to rescue the Queen from her rendezvous with the guillotine. Anything Look…Weird? She recently had a dental and full bloodwork. Additional Comments for the Shelter/Rescue. Tabby with a slash of Maine Coon. Look at pictures of Maine Coon kittens in New Hampshire who need a home. ... see more at Adopt Dogs in Maine. Areas Maine Coon Rescue Dublin,OH Serves. Honey is a sweet girl. Through natural selection, the Maine Coon developed into a large, rugged cat with a dense, water-resistant coat and a hardy constitution. Size medium to large. Meow! Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet. Chrysalis is an adoptable Cat - Maine Coon Mix searching for a forever family near Phoenix, AZ. The Maine Coon has a distinctive chirp and warble to its vocality. Elaine was inspired to start rescuing cats back in 2004 by the first Maine Coon she ever adopted, Buzz. Maine Coon Cats: The largest of the domestic cat breed, the Maine Coon can measure up to 4 feet from nose to tail tip and weigh up to 35 lbs. So, if you happen to fall in love with a big, long-haired cat in a local shelter, chances are that there is a Maine Coon or two somewhere in his ancestry. NeNe is a Female Maine Coon Mix Cat for adoption to a very loving home in or near Austin, TX.

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